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Elevate or Rebuild? Let Us Help You Decide

Current codes and revisions in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood elevation maps have made it necessary for many Jersey Shore homeowners to elevate their houses so that the finished floor is higher than the current base flood elevation (BFE).

This complex process requires skilled craftsmen and precise coordination throughout the various phases required for completion.

From actually raising the home and constructing a new foundation to reconnecting utilities and adding final finishes, Frankoski Construction has successfully completed dozens of home elevations, together with the renovations required to get residents back into their homes to resume their pre-storm lives.

As longtime barrier island residents, we’re well-versed in FEMA regulations. Different parts of the shoreline have different requirements for structures and foundations, and we know the various flood elevations, the types of footings and foundations required – as well as local building codes, which vary from town to town on the island.

As experienced building contractors in the Jersey Shore area and particularly on the barrier island, Frankoski Construction is uniquely qualified to juggle FEMA requirements and local codes together with the usual demands of top-quality home construction.

The biggest question facing a shore homeowner is whether to knock down the house and rebuild, or elevate, repair and/or renovate. Frankoski Construction South can help you make that decision.

Owners who have flood insurance might be eligible for partial reimbursement from FEMA. Frankoski Construction can advise you of the requirements and walk you through the process.

Frankoski will also advise you about other considerations in an elevated house; for example, stairs: Elevation requires a lot of steps! We build stairs to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with the ascent and decent as comfortable as possible.

We also work with elevator companies to design and install elevators, lifts and Limited Use, Limited Application (LULA) elevators to meet your individual needs.

From making your initial decision through implementation, Frankoski Construction stands ready to advise and help you. Contact us to discuss your options.