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Personalized Service from a Knowledgeable Island Home Builder

Is your beach home your dream home? As with living in any coastal region, owning a beach house on the Jersey Shore exposes your property to a host of potentially damaging environmental elements:

  • Salt air
  • Harsh winds
  • Driving rain
  • Storm surges
  • Natural disasters

As a local business, Frankoski Construction understands the impact these elements can have on the quality of your home. We live on the barrier island. And we know how to build a beach home that will stand the test of time, even in the harshest island weather conditions.

Many years of working successfully with seasonal residents has taught us the value of communication – up front and at every stage of the construction process. That starts when you are first entertaining the possibility building a beach house.

Before you see an architect, Frankoski Construction invites you to sit down with us to view floor plans and photos of homes we’ve built, and let us help you flesh out your ideas for design, layout and special features. This early-stage exploration will facilitate your work with your architect.

Further along in the construction process, we often take clients on island tours of existing homes to pick up ideas. We’ll show you completed projects with a variety of finishes – decks of different colors, various siding, railing and trim styles, and more.

Once your house is framed, we photograph it from eight angles and bring it up on our computer. Then we can “finish” it so you can see your house in any color or style siding, trim, roof material, etc. The computer will generate 3D pictures of your home showing all your finish options.

At every step of the construction process, Frankoski Construction brings you in. Before we sheetrock, for example, we have you come to the site and make sure every outlet, switch, cable connection and light is where you want it. Tearing a wall out later on is expensive, and we want to spare you that.

Clients appreciate Frankoski’s quality craftsmanship and our attention to even the minutest details.

It’s a small island. Eventually you’ll be our neighbors – and, we hope, our friends. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with the owners of every beach home we build. Contact us to discuss ideas for your beach home – and let’s make sure it is, indeed, your dream home.